First Day on the Job

I am just setting up this new blog. I hope to focus herein on family matters as regards my work organizing, cross referencing archiving and digitizing about two hundred years of Reed and Lind family documents. However, I will also be doing some general essays about ideas that have come to me about family histories, genetics, genealogies, organization and the dark side of immigration seldom discussed in personal and American public discourse. I hope to post a lot of narrative work from what I am getting transcribed from historic documents and some biographies of family members. Eventually by invitation I will let folks look at what I have received and collected in the core archive and secondary sources. Also I hope eventually to send copies of digitized materials in DVD form to anyone who might find them of interest, such a old photos and correspondence. I am also quite willing to exchange documents with distant relatives that may want to add to their archive or things that I would like. For instance, there are hundreds of photos of Frank Steele’s collection I would share or gladly receive.

Below you see the antique steamer trunk I bought and had adapted for shelving on the left side. This will hold the core collection eventually.


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